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The Tales of Tuckamore unfold --:

Tuckamore arrived in Tramore on Thursday, May 5th. 2000. It  was a wet miserable day. It was not a day to see Tramore at its best. At about eleven o'clock, as we were busy at our Maths, Carmel, our school secretary brought in this big box into the classroom.  We all knew who it was.It was our special visitor all the way from Newfoundland. He had arrived at last. When he was placed on the table we could hear a weak little voice calling "Let me out, let me out, please". "Get a scissors quick" said Aiden "or he will die". 

So the parcel was hurriedly opened and who should we see in side but a small little moose. He handed us a little note. It read " a present from all your new friends in Topsail Elementary School, Conception Bay South, Newfoundland ,Canada. Please look after him". Everyone gave a cheer as he appeared from the box. "Free,free at last" he shouted. He asked for some space and a drink of water. Tom Healy had a special bottle of water to give him. He drank it slowly. "That's better he said. " Hi, there kids, my name is Tuckamore. Sorry for the delay but you know how it is. I am very happy to be here in Tramore and I look forward  to visiting your homes and having great fun together. Right now I need some rest so if you guys wouldn't mind keeping the noise down, I'll get some shut eye and I will talk to you guys in the morning. Oh, by the way, Tommy says "Hi". He was put back into the box, covered over, placed in the corner and went fast asleep. 

The next day, everybody was in early, wondering how Tuckamore had survived the night. He was sitting at his desk ready for work. Mr. O'Neachtain decided to have a raffle and Shane Fleming was the first boy to get Tuckamore for the night. To see how he got on in Shane's house and other houses, click on a day of your choice. 

        We think you will enjoy his adventures. 

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       Special Reports : Exclusive

         Tuckamore takes part  in school "Sports Day"

         Tuckamore goes to Dublin on "School Tour"