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Books about
Dynamic Yoga

  1. Yoga Trance Dance- A High-Energy Movement Meditation to Liberate Your Creative Life Force (Audio - 2003)
  2. Dynamic Yoga (2002)
  3. Dynamic Yoga- The Ultimate Workout That Chills Your Mind As It Changes Your Body (1999)
  4. Japanese Yoga- The Way of Dynamic Meditation (2001)
  5. Walking Yoga- Incorporate Yoga Principles into Dynamic Walking Routines for Physical Health, Mental Peace, and Spiritual Enrichment (2002)
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Yoga Trance Dance: A High-Energy Movement Meditation to Liberate Your Creative Life Force
by Shiva Rea, Geoffrey Gordon

Audio CD ; Unabridged edition (June 2003)
Sounds True; ISBN: 1564559238

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Book Description
Yoga and dance are two great rivers that lead us back into our bodies and rejuvenate us with prana – the vital energy of life. Yoga awakens the breath, fluidity of the spine, and inner power. Free-form trance dance cultivates natural movement, intuition, and creativity. Now, with Yoga Trance Dance anyone who loves yoga or dance can experience the benefits of both these traditions – in one energized workout.

On Disc one, Shiva Rea guides listeners through the same innovative methods that she offers at her acclaimed yoga retreats and workshops worldwide. Practitioners begin with creative flow yoga… move into the depths of ecstatic dance… and complete their session with moving meditation and chant. Disc Two contains just the music – a phenomenal full-length world trance dance album ideal for self-guided sessions, traditional yoga, or just great listening.

For those looking for a dynamic new way to enhance their range of motions, break through physical and energetic blockages, boost cardiovascular strength, and create a more positive relationship with one’s body, here’s the perfect program – Yoga Trance Dance.

About the Author
Shiva Rea teaches vinyasa flow yoga at workshops and retreats worldwide. She has studied many forms of yoga and dance in India, Africa, Nepal, Jamaica, and Bali. She is well-known contributor to Yoga Journal and holds and MA in Dance from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures Program, where she also teaches.

Reader Review
Fabulous!, December 12, 2001
Reviewer: An Customer from United States
Geoffrey Gordon's music is awesome--the CD starts out with slow, hypnotic music that increases in intensity with each track. Shiva Rea's instructions are excellent, and trance dance is just plain fun. You start out with a fluid, flowing yoga series that gradually moves into an all-out free-form dance, then slows back down to yoga and total relaxation. It feels goooood! I love the fact that there are 2 CDs--one with instructions over the music, and one with music only.


Dynamic Yoga
by Kia Meaux, Russell Sadur (Photographer)

Paperback: 160 pages ; 1st edition (May 1, 2002)
DK Publishing; ISBN: 0789480646

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Book Description
A basic grounding in the principles and practice of the most intensive workout for body, mind, and spirit.
Dynamic Yoga is a powerful exercise system designed to give the body the ultimate workout for increased energy, fitness, and flexibility. Boost your energy levels. Kia Meaux has devised an imaginative and invigorating program based on the sun Salutes of Ashtanga yoga. It encourages you to get your body moving in a series of flowing, controlled postures specifically designed to work every part of the body. Starting with gently warm-ups, you move to an active and energizing phase to get your heart pumping and your body jumping, followed by a series of soothing cool-downs -- so be prepared to sweat and then relax! Benefit from expert guidance. Kia's extensive teaching experience means that she is able to explain how to get maximum benefit from the athletic postures and graceful Sun Salutes, how to substitute less challenging alternatives where necessary, and how to avoid common errors. it you are aiming for all-round fitness, this is the ideal workout.

Reader Review
Learn Step-by-Step, You'll Use it Each Day, October 24, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Wokingham, Berkshire United Kingdom
This is a really good book to refer to each day as you go about learning Ashtanga/power yoga. It's just page after page of very detailed photography of each pose, and most importantly "transitional moves"!! I finally learned the key to jumping back safely in and out of the vinyasa/flow sequence. For someone mid-30s, average health, average flexibility, this book makes a daunting type of yoga practice much more attainable.

There is little here about yoga philosophy, but what is there is straightforward. Good help with pronunciation and learning the Sanskrit versions of the asana names.

Good book overall. I now use it every day.


Dynamic Yoga: The Ultimate Workout That Chills Your Mind As It Changes Your Body
by Godfrey Devereux, Sarah Robbie (Photographer)

Paperback: 256 pages (March 1999)
Thorsons Pub; ISBN: 0722536577

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Book Description
Dynamic Yoga is an unbeatable form of exercise combining fitness training with stress release in a single dynamic workout. The flowing sequences are carried out in conjunction with dynamic breathing creating a deep heat in the body which enables you to build up strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration and alertness. You are then left in a state of vibrant relaxation.

Reader Review
It's got it ALL, March 7, 1999
Reviewer: A reader from Augusta, GA
I just purchased this book along with Power Yoga by B. Birch ... As good as Birch's book is, THIS one is better! The pictures are a good size and VERY clear, and the book provides a wonderful set of series at the end to accommodate various levels of competence and also to address those moments when there just isn't quite enough time to get in a complete series. I'm sure you'll love it.


Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation
by H. E. Davey (Author)

Paperback - 224 pages ; 1 edition (May 1, 2001)
Stone Bridge Press; ISBN: 1880656604

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Reader Review
Excellent, easy to follow guide for all ages, August 26, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Orinda, CA USA
This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in improving their mental and physical capabilities. It is more than a picture book of yoga poses; it is a thorough examination and guide to achieving a state of mind-body unification. The premise is "body reflects mind; mind reflects body" and a goal is positive relaxation. Japanese yoga (also known as "shin-shin-toitsu-do") was developed in the early 1900s by Nakamura Tempu Sensei, one of the first Japanese to receive a medical degree from the U.S. Who he was and how he came to combine yogic disciplines with his own discoveries and experiences is a fascinating story in itself; it also provides a solid foundation for the meditations and exercises to follow. In addition to demonstrating the stretches and movements designed to increase flexibility and coordination, the book offers practical ways to improve concentration and perception. Different forms of meditation and attention exercises are presented in a clear, concise manner--no shrouds of mystery or mysticism here, just a practical how-to guide that anyone with the inclination can follow. The book is applicable for all ages. The exercises are simple yet thoughtfully challenging (total mind-body unification can be a tall order), and there is enough variety not to be repetitive and boring. Davey is very good at taking us through each step. He explains not only the "how-to" for each but the "why" and "how" it relates to positive relaxation. I found this book immensely helpful and highly recommend it!


Walking Yoga: Incorporate Yoga Principles into Dynamic Walking Routines for Physical Health, Mental Peace, and Spiritual Enrichment
by Ila Sarley (Author)

Paperback: 224 pages (June 2002)
Atria Books; ISBN: 0743421973

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Reader Review
Inspiration!, June 4, 2002
Reviewer: Rhonda Neuhaus from Lido Beach, NY USA
I have had the priviledge of attending multiple retreats with Ila and Dinabandhu Sarley, the authors of Walking Yoga. In class they are not only inspirational because of their extensive knowledge of yoga postures, and how to impart this knowledge, but also because of their blissful presence and desire for everyone to love yoga and walking as much as they do. As an amputee, I feel honored to have found teachers who know how to accommodate and teach all people to fully experience Yoga, with whatever challenges they face whether it is a broken arm, a bad back or, myself, who wears two prosthetic legs.

This book, Walking Yoga, is an extension of their teachings, allowing everyone to receive the great value of the Sarley's wisdom right now. The book is a joy to read, blending in specifics on postures and benefits of walking and breathing with personal stories, and real, practical methods everyone can do to maintain the practice of yoga and walking in your life. Yoga, as the Sarley's teach, is not simply postures. Yoga is living a life of beauty, balance and joy. This book outlines creative ways to get started and maintain the practice of Yoga and walking - and carry these benefits with you - in each and every moment.


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