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Books about:
Tantric Yoga

  1. Guide to Dakini Land- The Highest Yoga Tantra Practice Buddha Vajrayogini (1996)
  2. The Encyclopedia of Sacred Sexuality - From Aphrodisiacs and Exstasy to Yoni Worship and Zap-Lam Yoga (1999)
  3. Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses- Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda (2000)
  4. Tantric Yoga- The Royal Path to Raising Kundalini Power (1990)
  5. Yoga For Sex- Improve Your Sex Life the Tantric Way with Positions Inspired by the Kama Sutra (2001)
  6. Tantra for Gay Men (2002)
  7. Eros, Consciousness, and Kundalini- Deepening Sensuality through Tantric Celibacy and Spiritual Intimacy (1999)
  8. Jewel in the Lotus- The Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness- A Complete and Systematic Coursein Tantric Kriya Yoga (2000)
  9. Yoga for Beginners Om- Yoga in a Box for Couples- Beginner Level [ABRIDGED] (Audio - 2003)
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Guide to Dakini Land: The Highest Yoga Tantra Practice Buddha Vajrayogini
by Geshe Kelang Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Hardcover: 576 pages; 2nd edition (October 1996)
Publisher: Tharpa Pubns; ISBN: 0948006404 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Book Description
Guide to Dakini Land is the first complete explanation in English to the Tantric practice of Vajrayogini, the female Buddha of wisdom. The book provides detailed instructions on the eleven yogas of generation stage, and an explanation of the essential completion stage practices of Vajrayogini that lead to full enlightenment. Also included are special methods for transforming all our daily activities into the spiritual path, advice on how to do Tantric retreat, all the sadhanas of Vajrayogini, and a wealth of additional material that will be indispensable to anyone wishing to rely upon Buddha Vajrayogini.

Reader Review
Good coverage of the topic, March 29, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from New Zealand
This book is well worth reading and studying for those with an interest in the Tibetan Buddhist perpective on Tantra and the higher tantra practices.


The Encyclopedia of Sacred Sexuality : From Aphrodisiacs and Exstasy to Yoni Worship and Zap-Lam Yoga
by Rufus C. Camphausen

Paperback: 301 pages (October 1999)
Inner Traditions Intl Ltd; ISBN: 0892817194

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Reader Review
A Wonderful Book!, February 13, 2003
Reviewer: Chinese Taoist (see more about me at from Detroit, Michigan United States
A fascinating reference book, with over a thousand entries on the subject of sexuality. Mainly dealing with topics that relate to the spiritual aspects of physical union. Fully illustrated, which makes using of the book additionally interesting and enjoyable. Many of references are of ancient origins, Sanskrit, Greek, Eastern, and indigenous cultures. Includes quotations from sacred scriptures, is fully cross-referenced, includes a useful appendix with helpful reference list, resources lists and extensive bibliography. All this makes The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom a worthwhile resource for those interested in exploring the spiritual aspects of physical union.


Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda
by David Frawley

Paperback: (November 2000)
Lotus Press; ISBN: 0910261393

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Reader Review
Excellent overview of Hindu Tantra, April 12, 2003
Reviewer: Rodger Clampitt from Palmdale, CA USA
David Frawley has done a fine exposition of Hindu Tantra. He not only knows the subject well, but he also can convey it in a readable and lucid manner. He clears away many of the misconceptions that have risen around Tantra since the New Age movement has appropriated it. Its not about "sex" as many purveyors would want you to believe. Most westerners think that the 'Left hand Tantra' is all there is. Wrong. It is a authentic and very real path of spritual realization that is very comprehensive in its practice.

After Frawley dispels the misconceptions he proceeds to define aspects of Tantra and the various paths within it. Then the bulk of the book deals with the Ten Mahavidyas or wisdom goddesses. Now some of them are really hideous or nightmarish visually. Be forwarned!

5 of the goddesses comprise each an aspect of the divine as I understand it. The other 5 deal with personal transformation. He gives instructions on how to worship each one, along with mantras and yantras, with visualizations of each goddess.

Later chapters deal with the chakras, pranas, tejas and ojas.

Overall a fine introduction to Tantra.

I have only a few quips.

1) It is not a instruction manual per se. Yes he lists the various mantras - however its nearly impossible to learn a mantra from a book. A audio CD would be a fine complement for the next edition. Get Harish 'Tools for Tantra' for the practice methods.

2) The Yantras and drawings of the goddess should be done in color.

If you're interested in knowing more about real Tantra get this book. You won't be disapointed.


Tantric Yoga: The Royal Path to Raising Kundalini Power
by Gavin Frost, Yvonne Frost, Lee Jacobson (Illustrator)

Paperback - 336 pages (August 1990)
Red Wheel/Weiser; ISBN: 0877286922

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Book Description
A comprehensive guide to massage techniques with clear step-by-step instructions. Fully illustrated for all ages with color and/or black-and-white photographs on every page. 155,000 copies sold-to-date.

Reader Review
Neo Tantra, April 23, 1999
Reviewer: Dr. Ananda Vajrapadma ( ) from Wilmington, NC, USA
Tantra is a specific system of Yoga which teaches the raising of the kundalini-s'akti through ecstatic experience, self-deification, ritual, and sexual union.

Gavin and Yvonne Frost, Elder Initiates in a Welsh Tradition of Witchcraft, and founders of the Church and School of Wica, show information on their own adapted form of Tantric ritual, and make it available to the West.

It also contains a section by Gay Astrologer and Witch, Glenn Malec, about adapting the Tantric rituals for same sex partners.


Yoga For Sex: Improve Your Sex Life the Tantric Way with Positions Inspired by the Kama Sutra
by Vimla Lalvani (Author)

Paperback: 128 pages (December 2001)
Sterling Publishing; ISBN: 060059971X

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Book Description
Improve your sex life the Tantric way, with mind, body, and spirit integrated to produce an intense awareness of the senses. Nothing equals the bliss of an ideal and complete union between two loving partners, and yoga can facilitate this bond by acting as a natural aphrodisiac and sexual conditioner. To experience this heightened and prolonged pleasure, begin with exercises that tone your body, increase your stamina, and develop suppleness and flexibility. Then, in a prelude, you and your lover will prepare and assist each other in a series of sexual poses: as you tenderly flow through these movements, you'll equalize your energies and get in tune with one another. Now, with you both in beautiful harmony, the lovemaking goes into full play with classical love positions from the Kama Sutra--all within the abilities of the average person, so everyone can enjoy the exhilarating force of unfettered sex.


Tantra for Gay Men
by Bruce Anderson (Author)

Paperback - 156 pages; 1st edition (November 2002)
Publisher: Alyson Pubns; ISBN: 1555837492

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Book Description
Western cultures have often thought of the ancient practice of tantra as a form of super-sex. However, as scholar and teacher Bruce Anderson makes clear in this guide for gay men to the art of tantra, it is actually a rigorous practice that harnesses sexual energy as fuel for spiritual development. In eight empowering chapters, Anderson explores and explains the spiritual concepts that practitioners must fully integrate into their lives before experiencing the transformative effects of tantra.

How does Tantra facilitate the awakening and rise of Kundalini?
What is the relevance of Tantra today for men who love men?
What are the origins of Tantra?
What is the goal of Tantra?

Readers will be guided through the process of incorporating Tantric philosophy and practices into their sexual and spiritual through multiple excercises on:

Harnessing breath as a means to awakening development.
Achieving bliss through posture.
Strengthening abdominals, and erections.
Lovemaking techniques for achieving sacred unions.
Postponing and prolonging orgasms.

Bruce Anderson’s astute and unaffected approach to both the technical and spiritual elements of tantra will allow gay men to enhance the power of their lovemaking and the strength of their orgasms to reach a state of cosmic bliss.

Bruce Anderson has studied with Amazonian and Plains Indian shamans as well as Tibetan, East Indian, and Egyptian tantra teachers. He is a third-level cobra breath practitioner and teaches the class "Tantra for Men" at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center’s Village at Ed Gould Plaza.

Reader Review
Tantra for Gay Men, November 2, 2002
Reviewer: An Customer from Cincinnati,, Ohio United States
Excellent- I highly recommend this book for gay men who want to be more fully alive and embrace sexuality with joy and bliss. If you are a gay man who wants to find meaningful spirituality that celebrates the many facets of human experience to include sexuality, then this is a must read book. Bruce Anderson shares his insights, knowledge and vast experience in a practical and very useful way.

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Eros, Consciousness, and Kundalini: Deepening Sensuality through Tantric Celibacy and Spiritual Intimacy
by Stuart Sovatsky, Stuart, Ph.D. Sovatsky

Paperback - 224 pages; (April 1, 1999)
Inner Traditions Intl Ltd; ISBN: 0892818301

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Book Description
Exercises based on yoga and chakra meditation teach you to transform sexual energy into spiritual and erotic fulfillment.
Perfect for deepening a life partnership, gaining mastery over one's body, or healing the emotional scars of sexual abuse.
Well-illustrated positions and techniques.
In this extraordinary celebration of the erotic, Dr. Stuart Sovatsky introduces us to the Tantric art of sexual sublimation, in which sexual energy is redirected toward achieving higher awareness and an erotic satisfaction far beyond that possible through sexual intercourse. The potential reasons for exploring Tantric celibacy are many--including the desire to deepen a life partnership, to gain a new level of mastery over one's body, to heal the emotional scars of sexual abuse, to practice safe sex, or to explore the intimate relationship between spirituality and sexuality.

Exercises based on yoga, kundalini, and chakra meditation make Eros, Consciousness, and Kundalini a practical guide to the world of Tantric celibacy. By transcending the boundaries of conventional sexuality, one can learn to harness the divine energy--glimpsed for only an instant by most people--that is at the heart of all erotic yearning.

About the Author
Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D., has been a practitioner of kundalini yoga for twenty-four years and is the director of two psychotherapy clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area. A former presenter at the World Congress on Sexology in India and the International Kundalini Research Network, he teaches at JFK University and the California Institute of Integral Studies.


Jewel in the Lotus: The Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness: A Complete and Systematic Course in Tantric Kriya Yoga
by Sunyata Saraswati, Bodhi Avinasha

Paperback: 256 pages (March 2000)
Sunstar Pub Ltd; ISBN: 1887472673 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Reader Reviews
The Definitive Book on Tantra Kriya Yoga, July 19, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Washington, DC
Bodhi and Sunyata capture the essence of tantra in this easy-to-read workbook. Whether you're an advanced tantrika or a beginner doing preliminary research, you will gain great insights through reading this material and following the exercises. The book trains you in the fundamental techniques of tantra that grant you access to your spiritual and creative potential by using your sexual energy, and teaches you how to overcome obstacles you may run into on your way. It's a 'must read' for anyone on this path.

Some useful material for the discriminating seeker, January 30, 2003
Reviewer: A 12-year old reader
For those without a partner, there are some useful exercises such as the Rishi Isometrics and other breathing exercises. I would recommend learning the MentalPhysics Exercises taught by Edwin Dingle however. This book does contain a more effective form of the 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation that is very popular. Additional techniques are given to make the exercise more effective. Stephon Co's latest book also modifies the 5 Tibetans and makes it easier for the elderly and the infirm. If you're on the Tantric path you could also look into the other comapnion book, The Ipsalue Formula by Bodhi Avinasha. Kriya Tantra Yoga is supposed to be from Babaji Maharaj who gave it to Lahiri Mahasaya who gave it to Sri Mukteswar. Don't know if this is the case or if they ever even spearated White and Black Tantra. Tantra can be the way to enlightenment but most of the stuff out there is contaminated so it's hard to be a purist. Safer to stick with genuine Kriya Yoga for attaining your spiritual goals. For your other needs, check out the One Minute Guide to Prosperity by Sri Siva and Power Healing by Dr. Sha both of whom have web sites for more info.

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