The Goons

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The Goons - Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and, in the early years, Michael Benetine -  began life masquerading as a radio show called "Crazy People: featuring Radio's own Crazy Gang - The Goons". To save wear and tear on Wallace Greenslade denture's, the subsequent seasons were simple called "The Goons".

I'm trying to collect and correlate all the scripts. The short while I've been at it already tells me that Goondom owes Debby Stark and Christopher Thomas a large batter pudding ... emmm I mean Thank you. They seem to be behind most of the transcriptions.

I've collected only 40 of the 200+ scripts, and I apologies for the state you find them in.  Many have been copied straight into a web page from the newsgroup  I haven't got around to formatting, editing, or even sorting them into transmission order!  The major problems are lack of time, and the fact I keep finding more and more scripts.  That said, the second reason is a millstone I'd gladly choak over, so please please please, if you have any scripts which I don't have, I'd really appreciate if you could email them to me!


Ye Bandit Of Sherwood Forest
The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler
The Boot Gorrilla
A Nasty Affair At The Burami Oasis
The Call Of The West
The Case Of The Missing CD Plates
The Childe Harolde Rewarde
China Story
The Chinese Legs
The Curse Of Frankenstein
Fear Of Wages
The Fireball Of Milton Street
The Flea
Goons Series 2 Number 1
Goon Series 2 Number 3
The [Great] String Robberies
The Greenslade Story
The Kippered Herring Gang
Lurgi Strikes Britain
The Man Won Never Was
The Mystery Of The Marie Celeste [Solved]
The Greatest Mountain In The World
The Case Of The Mukkinese Battle-Horn
Napoleon's Piano
The Sinking Of Westminster Pier
The Histories of Pliny The Elder
The Rent Collectors
Robin's Post
The Scarlet Capsule
The Silver Dubloons
The Spanish Suitcase
The Starlings
The Statue In The Sahara Desert
Tales Of Men's Shirts
The Terrible Revenge Of Fred Fumanchu
Under Two Floorboards
The Whistling Spy Enigma
Wings Over Dagenham